De Xhodon
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Example coordinate system (60x60)
1:1 2:1 3:1 ... 60:1
1:2 2:2 3:2 ... 60:2
1:3 2:3 3:3 ... 60:3
... ... ...   ...
1:60 2:60 3:60 ... 60:60

Xhodons map is split into areas. Every area is typified by x- and y-coordinates (Top left begins 1:1) and divided into 21 valleys.


Your hero moves with the speed of the slowest creature loaded. For example if you need 4 Tpa (Ticks per area), it takes 20 minutes to cross an area. The area where your hero rests is also counted, so if you move from 1:1 to 2:1 with a speed of 4Tpa your hero needs 8 ticks.


Increase the level of your mad eye to improve your sight.

The maximum range of sight is 36 fields, as then the whole map is visible.